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 Jan. 15, 2014 update
  2014年1月15日 Kandu Japanグランドオープン!
  AeonMall幕張新都心のFamilyMall3階にカンドゥー 日本第一号店がオープン!
  Kandu Japan Grand Open at January 15, 2014
  First Kandu in Japan Open at Aeon Mall Makuhari !
  Business introduction
 私たち、DreamComeTruers,Inc.(本社所在地:フロリダ) は、
  DreamComeTruers Asia Pacific,Inc.(DCT AP/所在地:日本)は、日本をはじめ、
  Kanduに関するお問い合わせはDCT APにお問い合わせ下さい。 info@dct-kandu.com

DreamComeTruers,Inc.We (Head Office: Florida) is the licensor of the Kandu
  Creative group to develop the Kandu.
  Dream Come Truers Asia Pacific, Inc. (DCT AP/Asia Office: Tokyo,Japan) will
  develop Kandu in Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Pacific Ocean region.
  DCT AP will continue to practice the Kandu established a strategic base in each region.
  This business is license business (franchise).
  We are looking for business partners in the Asian region.
  Please contact the DCT AP inquiry about Kandu.  info@dct-kandu.com



The concept of Kandu is based on the same principle of Role-playing that is revolutionizing
  both the Entertainment and the Education segments , with a particular attention to parents
  who are the ultimate decision makers .
  Kandu is a City where children will submerge themselves into intense real world experiences
  in an exciting and inspiring way.
  By Role-playing, children understand the foundation of the society that one day they will be in
  charge of. Kids learn through exploration, discovery and the power of their imagination and
  Kandu was born to explode this powerful educational process.

Real Fantasy
Imagination is the most powerful ingredient in children's play, and through imagination Fantasy can
  become real and even tangible;in fact a dragon or a super-hero could be as real as a Police officer
  or a Doctor in a child's mind.
  In Kandu, we use the power of Fantasy to serve as a vehicle for the development of values and
  the educational component that we endorse, carrying the message deeper into kids minds.

  Kandu World 世界のKandu

  第1号店 2012 Open Kandu Bogota (Colombia) コロンビア・ボゴタ
  第2号店 2013 Open Kandu Medellin (Colombia) コロンビア・メデリン 
  第3号店 2013 Open Kandu Japan (Makuhari,Japan) 千葉県幕張新都心

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